VIRA PLOTNIKOVA OUTERWEAR - is a Russian outerwear manufacturing company. Our main specialization is faux fur coats, coats and jackets in the Teddy Bear trend from the innovative Merino WoolFur material. Additional lines - coats from Luxus Eco-Fur, coats from any textile, down jackets.

Merino WoolFur is a special faux fur - composite material consisting of three layers firmly bonded to each other: a fur of 100% natural Spanish merino wool, a textile base and faux suede. In appearance, Merino WoolFur is difficult to distinguish from natural fur, it perfectly imitates it. The plasticity of the material allows you to embody all the most daring design decisions.
Also interesting to note:
  • the outstanding performance of this fur: it is much more wear-resistant than natural fur, 3 years of wear do not affect the appearance of the product;
  • its fur is denser than that of natural fur;
  • suitable for temperatures ranging from +5 C to -30 C. Various textures are designed for different weather conditions: low-pitched for a warm spring, and high-pitched - for a harsh winter;
  • compliance with modern trends in environmental friendliness, humanity and informed consumption.

Luxus Eco-Fur is also a three-layer material
  • its fur part consists of a new generation of artificial wool
  • high-strength beautiful threads, in the production of which harmful emissions are minimized;
  • especially dense elastic bonding, imitating luxury suede, is very firmly connected to the fur;
  • therefore it is warmer than the bulk of faux furs;
  • and more durable - does not stretch out when worn.

Each season, Vira Plotnikova includes new textures of Merino WoolFur and Luxus Eco-Fur in the collection. Now we offer about 15 textures and 20 colors. This year we added textures with a mixed fur part - which consists of wool and artificial fiber in the ratios of 50/50 and 30/70. Our textures differ in fur height, curl shape and size, density, tactile sensations when touched and aesthetic effect:
  • Short-haired: Astrakhan sheep textures and a small curly texture;
  • long-haired: a large curly, Tuscany, Kalgan textures;
  • average height-haired: mouton textures, alpaca;
  • with designer trimming and effects;
  • with polished hair.

We rarely make products from client’s raw materials; our equipment is more suited to the special materials described above. But this is also possible. This year, we developed the perfect technology for our customers that work with conventional faux fur.

Product development is carried out by experienced textile professionals: fashion designers, technologists, and construction designers.

Vira Potnikova is the only company in Russia that has mastered and implemented the technology of flat elastic seam when working with Merino WoolFur. This sophisticated technology gives the product the quality of luxury level, allows to sew double-sided products that look flawless on both sides. Collars and structural seams are perfectly flat and without unnecessary volume, which makes the faux fur coat look like an elegant textile coat.

Vira Plotnikova successfully collaborates with well-known designers, brands, retail chains, clothing stores and acts both as a production contractor and as the creator of its own collections. Vira Plotnikova can produce batches of any size, develop styles for the customer from scratch -your ideas and terms of reference are sufficient to do that. Typically, designers and brands order samples from us for participation in exhibitions take orders for collections and only then determine with the quantities for production.

  • ODM / OEM (original design manufacturer / original equipment manufacturer)
  • Fulfillment of orders is possible according to the Vira Plotnikova catalog or according to the technical specifications of the Customer.
  • The minimum order quantity for models of individual development is from 30 units per model. The minimum order for the Vira Plotnikova catalog is from 20 products, with at least 3 pieces per color model. The minimum order for down jackets and coats made of woven materials is 500 pieces, from 100 units per color model.
  • Fulfillment time of the order depends on the size of the lot and the order of priority from 2 to 6 months from the date of prepayment and approval of the standard sample. Sample development takes from 14 days
  • The amount of prepayment at the time of placing the order - 60%