Russian company Vira Plotnikova
With our help, you can produce premium outerwear under your brand: coats, jackets, parkas and down jackets.
We carry out direct deliveries from Russia and China. Our own production and in-house design bureau provide a continuous flow of new ideas: we not only follow the trends - we create them.
NewWoolTex Today, our production is developing an innovative direction - products from Merino WoolFur and Lux Eco-Fur.

Merino WoolFur is a composite material:
  • it’s fur part is composed of 100% sheared Spanish merino wool - a valuable breed of fine-fleece sheep, it perfectly imitates natural fur
  • dense elastic bonding fabric that mimics suede, is very firmly connected to the fur
  • it is a warm, flexible, wear-resistant material (at least 3 seasons of wear do not affect the appearance of the product)
  • has more than 15 textures with different fleece heights
  • suitable for temperatures in the range from +5 C to -20 C.
  • Luxury eco-fur:
  • The fur part consists of a new generation of Artificial Wool - a high-strength beautiful material, the production of which harmful emissions are minimized
  • has many trendy colors and textures that mimic noble furs
  • especially dense elastic bonding that imitates luxury suede, is very firmly connected to the fur part
  • is warmer than most of the faux furs
  • it’s more durable, does not deteriorate and does not stretch and lose form when worn.
  • An important feature of our coats is a flat seam. This is a sophisticated technology that gives the final product elegance and premium look.
    Production specifications:
  • ODM / OEM (original design manufacturer / original equipment manufacturer)
  • Production capacity of 10,000 units per month
  • The minimum order for coats is 100 units per style. Minimum order for style/color- 50 units
  • The minimum order for down jackets – 1000 units per style, 500 - per style/color
  • The production time is 3-6 months from the date of approval of the sample and prepayment. Sample development takes from 14 days and up.
  • The amount of prepayment at the time of placing the order - from 70% and up.